Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hiding Behind Sunglasses

After the doctors at TG Inc. finished their job, Roy was embarrassed to show his face in public. Leaving the house as Pinky was hard at first, especially since she was only provided with high heel boots and very short dresses. Pinky felt naked and that men were eyeing her crotch. At least her female intuition was working.

Pinky wore an overcoat and sunglasses as she ventured out. Soon it felt natural to walk around town as a woman. She felt so free with all the dead baggage between her legs removed. Walking in heels got easier with each step. Being a girl wasn’t so bad after all.

Pinky brought a huge purse along to carry all the feminine items she bought. As she headed home she noticed a man taking pictures of her. Pinky was not having it. She walked over to give him a piece of her mind. It ended up where Pinky gave him her number instead. Ah, true love.


  1. Becoming such a beauty is not a punishment .... . Nice, attractive image!

  2. what a hot cap. love the boots.

  3. You're Back!!!!!!!!