Thursday, November 2, 2017

TG Inc Declares Bankruptcy

Every planet in the galaxy finally reached its logical end. The feminine had won the battle of the sexes. Men volunteered at first to accept life as a woman. Then contests and awards were used. Finally, the last man lost his pride. Androids filled the roles men filled formerly while serving their woman rather than annoying her.

Every client of TG Inc was satisfied. The business model no longer worked. Here we see Cherry, the replacement for the last man standing, Gary. The world TG Inc created naturally would reach a conclusion; everyone was female.

Male babies were switched within a few hours and the lone holdouts in the hillside would eventually die or be captured and taken to a retraining center.

The judge felt it was in society’s best interest to keep the company is receivership for as long as possible to handle the rare case emerging from the woods.

This is it, folks. The final good-bye. It was an awesome journey, girls. If I pass this way again I’m sure to share a tale or three. But my plans will take me in another direction for now.

Remember me.


  1. Miss you Kay!!!

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