Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Hint of Camel

Eddie fell under the mind control of the TG Guild. His work to discredit the TG community made him a prime target. Mind control was applied to Eddie until he started secretly wearing panties. Later he added a bra and pantyhose. At home alone, he dressed the whole part, with high heels and a dress. Eddie could not understand why he wanted to act so girly all the time.

Once the guild had Eddie completely under their control they slipped magic panties into his drawer. Soon the acting was over. The mind control was so complete Eddie, now Lili, completely accepted her situation. Lili started working for the guild by building its reputation in the community. At a local beach party Lili stood for a photo by a news reporter. The caption the next day read: A Hint of Camel. Lili smiled. She is so happy as the woman she is. The mind control ended. There was no need since Lili is a well-adjusted, happy woman.

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