Monday, October 10, 2016

Smart Girl

Studies were done in the 1990s to determine how people identify their own gender. In the experiment men were fitted with breast forms. Over 90% of the men began to feel feminine within a few weeks. The feeling was strongest in the morning when first waking up. It seems looking down and seeing breasts makes you think you really are a woman. Over half the men had a hard time thinking of themselves as men after a month. What you see is what you get.

Not all men feel feminine when wearing a dress, lingerie or breast forms. Scientists had to understand why. The logical next step was to find ways to turn a man into a woman and monitor their gender identification. It required unwilling men as subjects; willing men may already identify as a woman, tainting the results. By 2020, technology for full gender transformations arrived with technology from an upstart Silicon Valley company called TG Incorporated.

TG Inc.’s breakthrough technology was nanobots, tiny robots entered into the body programmed to modify every cell into a female cell, right down to the DNA. George was the first victim, I mean subject, of the experiment. He was injected with nanobots at the university lab under the guise of a flu shot. In two days George was transformed as you can see by the accompanying picture. A curious result. George dropped 30 IQ points during the transformation. (TG Inc. fixed the problem in subsequent nanobot models.) The IQ drop was a fortunate accident. It allowed researchers to monitor George more easily. He took to his new name, Saki, very quickly. Soon Saki completely identified as female. The IQ points came back and more in time. She is also a normal precocious girl.

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